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29 September 2006

Day 2
Overview of the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water
(Mr Al-Shiekh, Saudi Arabia)

A prize has been announced by the Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz in 2002 to address the global water issues which represent one of the most pressing human, economic and political concerns worldwide.

The prize shall reward innovative scholars and scientists as well as applied organizations in the realm of water resources worldwide. 2.5 million Saudi Riyals is the total prize purse. Water is a vital factor for life, it is in essence free from any considerations of region, race, religion, etc.

1 million Saudi Riyals (~$266,000) allocated to Creativity and half million Saudi Riyals (~$133,000) to other four branches.

  • Surface water branch,
  • non traditional branch,
  • ground water branch,
  • conservation and
  • protection branch.

The activities hence covered within the range of different prize branches have a great potential for a success story and remarkable respect. Prize has sponsored more than 25 different conferences since its inception. Based on decisions of integrity, accredited research, International selection committee of 15 people has been nominated.

Nominations received so far for 2005-2006 = 60 topics for the third award will be announced in October 2006, FY2006 Q3.


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