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29 September 2006

RapidEye - Global change detection for better water management - Ms Goh, Germany

Services to the Agricultural insurance industry:-includes the crop health damage insurance. RapidEye is the world's first commercial Earth observation constellation and can offer customized services for a particular need. X band antennae, 5 bands multi spectral. Offer a high benefit for the cost – good pricing.

Insurance operation centre request goes to the rapideye operation centre and to the rapid, can be got on the handheld device. Cost benefit analysis favours use of satellite based geo information service. Assessment for acreage measurement

Proactive daily coverage, information solutions for adjustment process, programme compliance, crop identification, auditing and damming assessment

People who are excited by new technology generally do the technology and do not do think of the applications. Partnering with an insurance company means that there are better prospects for financing.


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