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29 September 2006

'On-line' space assisted irrigation water management: Alfredo Calera (Spain)

An overview of an operational system which applies EO to assist irrigation to farmers and other end users. This system helpes to get a crop water requirement amount which is used for effecient water quantity. Accurate information from water resources, weather and climate/rainfall forecast helps predict when and where there would be a fluctuation in amoung of irrigation water.

Farmers receives numerical and graphical data via handheld applications that can even be integrated into mobile phone and via the web. Multisensor and intercalibration RS help achieve adequate spatial resolution, frequency coverage and product delivery time.

Farmers can receive customized reports, evolution of the crop, etc. more information of the format and reports that farmers are given, one can check

!! - Correction: the above weblink is correct now, Thanks Benoit! !!


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