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29 September 2006

XVI UN/IAF Workshop - Use of Space Technology for Water Management

Keynote address by Prof Rao (India): stressed the need for effect water management in the context of making irrigation practices more advanced. Developing countries in the south east asia, including India represent 20% of the world's irrigated land, and preserving the quality of land nutrients, ground water levels can be aided significantly with use of Indian RS satellites. Precision agriculture technique can help analyse farm sizes, in developing countries as well as developed countries, such as the US where farms may be of equivalent to satellite pixel size and would have track changes in quality of crop and soil over the years.

Space technology is essential for food security issues.

Keynote address by of Prof Tomas (Spain): A great overview of involvement of Valencia university groups and imaging processing at different campuses in space image processing, RS and other Spanish Space activities. He also gave a brief overview of the history of University of Valencia and how the building and surroundings that it provided were tuned through the years in the issues regarding water resources managment using space technology.

Both speakers also introduced the resolution that was formulated, discussed and approved by 80 participants at the International Conference on Earth Observation for Vegetation Monitoring and Water Management held in Naples, Italy on 10-11 November 2005. (Click here for document)


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