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23 January 2007

Space Generation Congress Applications Open 22 January

The Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) is pleased to announce the 2007 Space Generation Congress (SGC) from September 20-22, 2007, in Hyderabad, India. Organisers are requesting that interested university students and young professionals 18-35 years of age who have a passion for space and the ambition to act on it visit There they can begin participating in the various online project groups, which will build over the next several months and culminate at the Congress in Hyderabad. In addition to onsite workshops and relevant speakers, training, and networking with top space professionals, several cultural events are also being planned to spotlight the host location in India.

Workshop project teams include the MoonMars Workshop, the Case for Human Exploration, Lunar Waystation, Students Reaching Students, Yuri's Night World Space Party, SGAC Public Relations, and SGAC Project Research, as well as competitions for Habitat Design and Space Transportation Papers. Travel and lodging sponsorship will be available for some delegates

Applications open on 22 January and close on 15 April; however, selection is partially based on the online collaboration and participation in the forums before the Congress on the Explorers Wanted website.


Space Generation Congress (SGC) is the annual event of SGAC and is held each year in conjunction with the International Astronautical Congress. SGC is a youth forum that unites passionate young space professionals, students, and enthusiasts from all over the world. Each year, more than one hundred delegates come together to discuss issues facing the international space industry. Over three days, delegates brainstorm and develop ideas that both motivate and promote the space industry and bring the benefits of space exploration to the wider community. Delegates work before, during, and after the Congress to make these ideas a reality.


Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) is a non-governmental organization created at UNISPACE III by a recommendation in the Vienna Declaration on Space and Human Development ("…to create, within the framework of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, a consultative mechanism to facilitate the continued participation of young people from all over the world… in cooperative space-related activities"). SGAC has official observer status in the United Nations (UN), and represents students and young professionals (mostly 18-35 years old) from all backgrounds, all countries, and all organizations to the UN, national governments, and space agencies. Nearly 100 countries are represented by National Points of Contact, which are organized into six regions of the world.

Space Generation identifies a large group of young volunteers who have an interest in space and an ambition to act. Past products include Yuri's Night World Space Party, the MoonMars Workshop, and Under African Skies. Over 2500 international participants are members of the SGTalk email list that allows discussion and dissemination of information relating to space topics and events across the globe.

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This is the 6th annual SGC event organised by the SGAC, which is supported by SERCO.

22 January 2007 – Applications and online collaboration tools open
15 April 2007 – Applications close
15 May 2007 – Delegate selection announced
20-22 September 2007 – SGC 2007 in Hyderabad, India
24-28 September 2007 – IAC 2007 in Hyderabad, India


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