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2 February 2007

11th ISU Annual International Symposium
21-23 February 2007, Strasbourg, France

ISU’s 11th Annual International Symposium "Why the Moon?" which will take place in Strasbourg from Wednesday 21 to Friday 23 February 2007.. More information on this event is available on the ISU website at with links to the Preliminary Program, which includes details on sessions, and information about accommodation and online registration ( We have received confirmation of attendance from all of the presenters of papers listed in the program.

This event is sponsored by NASA and generously supported by Alcatel Alenia Space, the European Space Agency (ESA), Lockheed Martin, MDA Corporation, SpaceX, The Aerospace Corporation, The Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Lab (APL) and The Space Foundation.

If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact the organizing team at

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  • Bee,

    I share your admiration for President Kamal who seems to stand out among world leaders in his understading and advocacy for the development of an Earth Moon economy. I found his address to the Boston Sympsium electrifying, and so much more expansive than NASA's VSE, and so much more directed to meeting critical environmental and human needs as a pragmatic program of space industrial development. I hope that the European community will come to share the same vision and accelerate its focus on these goals.

    Are there participants in the European Student Moon orbiter project at ISU? As you aware of the new German lunar mission announcement and is there any ISU invovement in this initiative?

    Dave Dunlop, Moon Society, Green Bay,

    By Blogger David, at 10:10 pm  

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