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15 April 2007

As the National Point of Contact of India, I take great pride in reporting that the President of India, honorable A P J Abdul Kalam addressed the Boston University 'The future of space exploration: solutions to earthly problems'.
A synopsis of this speech is now available to view and download on the President's website: You can download the original president as well as the video recording.

In the speech, the honorable President gives an overview of how Indian space program's capabilities are bridging the social-economic gap and aiding our country's fast paced development. He also talks on several important aspects of planetary exploration and suggests key areas that need youth to work on and find cutting-edge solutions to. In addition, he provides his own suggestions to new space missions that include a global strategic plan for space industrialization, a global partnership mission in advancing space transportation with collaborative parallel teams, In-orbit servicing missions to extend life of satellites and space facilities.

You can also find a summary of the interaction with the delegates present at the symposium during the question and answer session. Space Generation Advisory Council's co-chair Will Marshall and Executive director Chris Boshuizen along with the winners of the SGAC 'Key visions of the next 50 years' contest Shi Heng and Tiffany Frierson were also present amongst the delegates at the symposium. You can spot William Marshall on the president's website too! :-)

The attendance of this SGAC delegation was of high importance to the space community as SGAC had the mandate to present the key visions of the 'now' and 'next' youth generations to a high level space planning session along with several world leaders. To read regarding the process, input documents and to comment on these, please check out:



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