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28 April 2007

Pictures of the President's visit
Still waiting for official images, but here is some pictorial evidence:
Waiting for his convoy to arrive!

Presenting him with the bouquet:

A brief chat:

I introduce the Indian students:

Photo courtesy: Didier. Merci Didier!


  • Are all of the Indians at ISU this year expats, or do any of them still reside in India? In the photos I see you and Karanjeet, who I know is from Punjab v2 (Canada). Just wondered if that ever came up in discussion...

    Anyway -- I have never meet a head of state before. Looks like you did a good job. If it were me, I would never stop tripping and stuttering.

    By Blogger Kirk, at 10:48 am  

  • Hi Kirk,

    Thanks for your comments. :-) No, Let me introduce everyone: From Right to Left: I am still India (and always will be!), Aravind Seeni (from Tamil Nadu - yes, he is Indian), Karanjeet (yes, born in India, lives in Canadia), Shawna Pandya and Harish Raisinghani (both Canadians) and Didier Guillame (French staff member originally from Pondicherry). Yes it did come up in conversation prior to his visit - we had to make it clear to all security officials.

    Thanks, I was very nervous about the tripping and stuttering too! :-)

    By Blogger Bee, at 9:49 am  

  • Hey Bee. Sorry, I didn't mean to say that you all weren't Indians -- mostly focusing on the fact that you were Indians who had left India, hence the "brain drain" comment. It looks like only one of six of you, Aravind, is still a resident (again, no negative connotations intended, only observing -- go back to the "disease" comment in my email and extrapolate).

    As a side thought, I was also curious about how many of the 42 Indian applicants to SGC are actually resident Indians. There are fewer places in the world suitable for IAC that are more expensive to get to, so the more residents that there are that can attend, the better. (It's roughly US$1200-$1500 to get there from here.) That is, if the fee for the event isn't something typical like 10,000/- ...

    By Blogger Kirk, at 8:23 pm  

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