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17 March 2008

Wow, writing almost after a year on this blog! Not sure if anyone still reads it, but here is an update (I have missed several in between, but nevermind) about my recent talk in the UK.

From SGAC News on the website:
The South West region of the UK with over 700 aerospace companies plays a key role in the British Aviation and Space Industry. Bee Thakore recently presented the visions of the world youth to members of the Royal Aeronautical Society, homing on what key areas can young people can work on and support UK's future activities in the space sector.

For Bee Thakore, SGAC's Asia-Pacific Regional coordinator, it felt like going to a second home. Bee started her career as an engineering trainee at AIRBUS UK and moved on to work for Rolls-Royce Defence Aerospace Ltd, both located in the Filton in the South-West of UK. The South-West has been home to over 700 aerospace companies and represents a powerhouse of highly skilled engineering, manufacturing and design workforces that have contributed significantly to British aviation and space fields. The South West is celebrating 100 years of British power flight in 2008, and the Royal Aeronautical Society has organized several talks that feature what lays ahead of us in the next 100... space travel comes to mind!?

The Royal Aeronautical Society, which is a multidisciplinary professional organisation for all members of the aerospace community organizes lectures, talks and events which act forums for exchanges of dialogue between different sub-sectors. The Bristol and south west branch of RAeS invited SGAC's Bee Thakore to give a talk on 'Space', Today, UK Space Industry is at a truly transformational stage and presents several opportunities for youth and experienced aerospace enthusiasts to shape UK's future in Space. Hence, Bee chose to talk about the Visions of youth for the next 50 years in space and how they can contribute to UK Space Industry. The BAWA Lecture hall 1 filled up with people at around 6.30 pm on the 12th of March and the enthusiastic audience listened with a lot of interest. There was an interesting dialogue during and after the talk both from the experienced and younger (student) members of the RAeS community.

You can find
- the poster for the talk
- the full talk given on the 12th of March 2008
Interested readers may find some additional information
- in the form of the Vision2025 document from UKSpace
- on the BNSC website

Please feel free to contact Bee Thakore for any questions and comments to the talk on bee(at)
What can YOU Do to play a role in the future?

Thank you to the RAeS for providing with this opportunity and to all the attendees for a thought provoking exchange of dialogue.
Ad Astra.


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