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17 August 2008

What have you been upto!?

Blogging on here has had a pause for some while... but in the months that passed, some cool things have happened!

Quick update here:

* Hosting the Google Lunar X PRIZE Team summit at ISU was super cool. I love working with all at XPF and GLXP takes their efforts one step closer to where my heart lies. Euronews did a great feature of the event which captures the key players and their visions to the next step to becoming a 'off-the-planet' community

* I was also able to give a technical talk to the UN Committee of peaceful uses of outer space. You can see the statement and the presentation details here: and view the related photo album on here

* The summer highlight has been organizing the Space Odyssey Institute 2008 in Barcelona and working for a special project at ESAC - ESA's astronomy centre out in Villanueva de la Canada near Madrid!

I have just moved back to UK and started my own projects-based consultancy. My first client is LEGO and its super super exciting to work with a great team there (I keep thinking, won't they love it if I build a LEGO Spaceship?) More to come!

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